Today, up to 30% of energy expenditures go to water supply. 
How can you cut your expenditures on energy bills? How to arrange a safe and cleaner future for your children? How can you get your own source of energy?
Arpi Solar offers an array of solar water heaters, which constitute the most economic and effective way solution for hot water supply. 
The systems are highly efficient in the climatic conditions of Armenia and provide:
  • Guaranteed savings on your hot water supply expenditures
  • An independent and safe energy provision
  • Environmentally clean energy

The systems absorb light from sunbeams in every season, even in conditions of extreme cold with temperatures down to -40C. They also absorb light that is invisible to the eye.
The water heaters are very solid and do not get damaged even when subjected to a direct hit from hail of a diameter of 2.5cm. The system heats up the water up to 60 degrees on average.
  • System lifespan 20 years
  • 5-year Warranty
  • 2 Days Delivery 
  • Payback period 2 to 3 years
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Small projects

Big projects

Joint solutions

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The systems are used :

By individuals houses or apartments

By hotels, restaurants and manufacturing plants