Arpi Solar heating systems are well used for water heating in pools. To this end there are two options for installing a solar water heater

Through a heat exchanger, which is connected to the already installed pool filter

Directly through a solar water heater

How can you cut your expenditures on energy bills? How to arrange a safe and cleaner future for your children? How can you get your own source of energy?

Using a heat exchanger carries the benefit of preventing the seepage of dangerous chemicals into the water going through the system, since the water going out of the pool doesn’t mix with the water coming out of the collector.

It is possible to connect the pool heating system to the household heating installment and use it during the cold season, which will ensure at least 50% of savings for your resources. 

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  • System lifespan 20 years
  • 5-year Warranty
  • 2 Days Delivery 
  • Payback period 2 to 3 years

Joint solutions

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