Horizontal Solar Collector

Horizontal solar collectors are designed for bigger needs, but also for heating. The collectors are the same, but the storage tank is a stainless steel pressure hot water system. The system works on solar collectors with an open or closed loop.

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Arpi 50A

Technical parameter

  • size 2,2 x 3,75 m
  • power 4 kW/hour
  • height 150 kg
  • capacity 140 l


Minimal heat loss, since air is evacuated from the tubes to create vacuum, which minimizes the heat loss from the tube.

High efficiency – thanks to a bigger surface the evacuated tubes can better absorb the sunrays

Work in temperatures below 0

The internal layer is made of stainless steel, thus doesn’t have problems with humidity and corrosion.

Low impact from calcium deposits

The efficiency coefficient is on average 95%

Lifespan minimum of 20 years and low repair costs

Ability to regulate the amount of supplied hot water

How does it work?

This system is closed and works under pressure, the heat exchanger circulates under force, for which a circulation pump is installed. The main components of the system are the collector and the storage tank. The water heater (vacuum collector) is usually installed on the rooftop (although it is possible to install it on the ground in the case of insufficient space), while the storage tank is located inside the construction. The system’s work is managed through special controller equipment which allows the user to control the temperature, regulate or chose the auto mode for switching on the electric heater when more water is needed.

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