Thermosyphon pressurized compact system

How does it work?

The system is based on natural pressure, but has a second pressure joint. The system’s main components are the vacuum tubes and the water storage tank.

The system doesn’t risk freezing and works in all seasons. It is designed for hot water supply, as well as for pool heating.

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Arpi 24A

Technical parameter

  • size 2,2 x 3,75 m
  • power 22 kW/hour
  • weight 103 kg
  • capacity 250 l
  • surface heating up to 15 m2 

The work principle is the same as for the thermosyphon compact system, however the system has a copper coil inside the storage tank – 24m long – which allows to use the incoming water under pressure or to provide heating for a surface of 15 m2.
The system pays off in 3 years or less, while the installment’s lifespan is of at least 20 years.

Quantity of people
Capacity (liters)
Up to 5
103 kg
000 000 AMD
ARPI 24+

*The above mentioned prices not includes installment and service costs